The activities in the Mini Dragon class are designed to be entertaining for the children while teaching them basic skills and self discipline. Although the child may see these activities as strictly fun, there are well-defined objectives behind each one. Here are a few of the games and lessons the children will experience in our Preschool Karate Program along with the target objectives and skills.

The Name Game - Socialization, eye-hand coordination, friendship, timing, self-control, sharing

Wiggle and Freeze - Listening, self-discipline, cultural awareness, self-control

Jumping Jills and Jumping Joes - Leg strength, comparison, eye-foot coordination

The Snake Pit - Eye-foot coordination, honesty, confidence, speed, cooperation

Korean Counting Ball - Counting skills, cultrual awareness, eye-hand coordination, cooperation, timing

Critter Crawls - Overall muscular strength, endurance, limb coordination

Run the Dragon's Back - Agility and momentum reversal training

Medicine Ball - Posture, balance, timing, and stability

Kiap Hoop March - Leg development, eye-foot coordination, listening, power, speed

Obstacle Course - Muscular strength, timing, endurance, coordination, patience

Obedient Tiger, Respectful Dragon - Respect for parents and country, codes of conduct, memorization