The Mini Dragons program based on Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean martial art. It is specifically designed to help preschool children grow in a variety of important areas. The lessons are built to enhance a young child's physical, social, and mental development, positively channel their growing energy, encourage curiosity, and build a life-time commitment to health, safety, and respect. Although the structured play component may be perceived as fun to the child, all activities are designed as preparation for the regular karate program.


A good Preschool Karate Program considers the specific developmental needs of the 3 to 4 year old child. Lessons specially created for the young child develop the confidence and self-discipline needed for success in life.


Class Time

Mini Dragon classes are currently held every Tuesday and Thursday evening beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Each 40 minute class is run by Lois A. Shultz, an instructor well qualified in both Tang Soo Do and Early Childhood Education. Students should arrive early enough to be ready to begin promptly at the start time.


Classes are held at Min's Karate Academy, 3501 Market Street, Camp Hill, PA. It is only two blocks west of routes 11/15 near the point where they split.