Preparing for the First Mini Dragons Lesson

Talk to Your Child

Tell your child about some of the things that they can expect to have happen while they are at karate:


Your child should be dressed properly to allow for comfort, unrestricted movement, and group identification. If your child is taking a trial class, a comfortable t-shirt and sweat pants or other pants that allow for unrestricted movement will be appropriate. A karate uniform will be required for students. No shoes or socks are worn in the training area of the dojang. Long hair should be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail or with a hairband to allow for unobstructed vision. A waterbottle is also reccommended, especially during hot weather.

Parental Involvement

Parents or other responsible adults are encouraged to stay and watch their child as the child participates in each aspect of the preschool karate program. Parents are also welcome to encourage the children's accomplishments through applause.

While we hope that your child will feel comfortable enough to readily participate in all the enjoyable activities we have planned, we realize that not all young children are ready to make this developmental leap. If you discover that your child is not willing to join the class we recommend that you allow your child just to watch the first activities. Most children will see an activity which will entice them to participate after a short period of observation.

In addition, if you feel it is best for your child, we allow one adult to accompany him/her into the dojang to sit close to or participate with your child in the activity. Each day the instructor will attempt to encourage your child to join the group on his/her own. However, some children may need a familiar adult in close proximity for certain activities or for the first few weeks.